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Elite Enters TWL with a Bang


Elite played its first match in the Team Warfare League 4v4 Hardcore Squad Rush on Sunday night. The match was won against Variable X by a team consisting of 1Sgt. Rusty, SSgt. Duo, SSgt. Holiday, and Pvt. Ghost. Elite successfully attacked each objective on Noshahr Canals, and Gulf of Oman, and in a standout defensive performance, denied the attacking team every single objective on both maps. Each of Elite’s participating members should be commended for their splendid performance as Elite moved up 8 spots in the ladder. This was a great way to start league play. Well done Elite!

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Elite’s New LT

Premium truly needs to be commended as she has reached the rank of an officer in Elite. Premium has been one of the premier recruits since Elite was established. She has undeniably earned the privilege of becoming an officer. She is mature, a good player, and a great friend to talk to on teamspeak. Her loyalty to elite is unquestionable. Elite has been fortunate to have a member like Premium as she is the epitome of what Elite stands for. We are all confident that she will do well with the new responsibilities that come with the rank. Let us all congratulate Premium once again as she has achieved this great honor.

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Elite Goes Automatic…

The Elite clan has truly become a prominent figure in the 1.3 community. The Elite public rifles server is now one of the most popular online gaming servers in the country. The clan has grown and now has many dedicated members. Elite’s growth has enabled the clan to extend its influence on 1.3. Elite now features an autos team deathmatch server. The new server is a great place for members to go and take a break from the heat of search and destroy, and just play casually without too many worries. The autos server will also help to spread the Elite name to the team deathmatch players, and in turn bolster the reputation of Elite in 1.3.

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Elite Welcomes in New Recruits

This past week, Elite was pleased to welcome five new recruits into the Elite clan. Blade, Capable, Diablo, Riza, and Rome have all displayed the quality characteristics that Elite strives to embody, and convey into the 1.3 community. We are confident that they will continue to thrive and grow as players and individuals in the Elite family. Elite is happy to have them on board. Welcome to Elite guys.

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