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Elite Rising…

If any of you frequently browse the Elite forum, you probably noticed a post by Gen. Wright titled, Elite is on the rise. If you haven’t, it talks about the recent popularity of the Elite Public Rifles server. On July 10th, 2007 we were ranked 26th out of about 4000 Call of Duty servers. It also ranked just above 2200 out of the ½ million or so servers for all online games. This is an incredible feat that amazed us all. The next two days we were pleasantly surprised once again when our rank for Call of Duty servers drop down to 23rd and then to 21st. It was about this time when Wright concluded that we may drop into the mid teens where we would level off because of the fact that we couldn’t compete with servers that had 64 player slots. Well four days later we all were extremely surprised to find that our new overall rank had rose to 12th. As of now we are hanging close at 14th. That is an incredible feat for an incredible clan.


This is all due to the Elite members that have made our servers so well liked. If it were not because of the great members that make up our clan we could not have accomplished this great feat. Our members, especially the officers, have done a great job at keeping the Elite servers clean of hackers and other generally rude and ignorant players. This as helped make the Elite servers the place to be when you are itching for some Call of Duty action. This is apparent because the servers are almost constantly full. We even have non-Elite members asking our officers to open spots up for them. The addition of the Public Autos Server, thanks to Cpl. Soljah’s generous donation, has done nothing but help improve the Elite name. I would without a doubt call the Elite clan the best clan in the online gaming network. This is only true because of the great members.


Thanks for being there Elite,


-SSgt.Stalin (Joe)

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