Elite Hardcore S&D Server Online

Elite Hardcore S&D Server Online

On Friday evening, the first players fired the first shots of many more to come on Elite’s newly unveiled public server. This 24 man public server has been configured to run a tactics oriented version of S&D, similar to the style of their wildly successful CoD 1 S&D server. The server also has an automated bot to help with basic administration and to make the general running of it easier. We hope everyone will find much enjoyment on the Elite for sometime to come.


However, Elite finds itself in a position they are not accustom to; being the new kids on the block. We are entering into a community of well established S&D servers. It will not be easy to get started, it will take time, and things will have to be perfect in order to get our server going. That said, we ask for the help of the Call of Duty community that has helped us out so much in the past, we need your assistance to get this server established.


The first mile in a marathon is generally said to be the toughest; as you run, you look ahead of you only to see how far you still have to go; the task seems impossible; but as you cross the first mile mark you realize that if you can run a mile, you can run another one and so on. We ask that you run with us in our marathon by joining us for a game or two when you are able to, that you add us to your favorites, and that you recommend our server to your friends, to help us get through that difficult first mile of our marathon. After that first mile its a downhill race from there.


Elite invites you to play on our server:


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