Elite Unmatched at 250

Elite Unmatched at 250

Returning from the shadows of the vcod world, Elite came back strong in their win in the 250th scrim of Elite history. Very few clans are ever able to last long enought to even come close to 250 scrims, much less to be such a successful and legit clan at that. One of the many reasons this clan can rightfully be called Elite.


In the win against Xpozed for the 250th scrim in Elite’s history, Elite improved their record to 192-58, with a win percentage of 768% out of 1000. Some may ask, “is this record too good to be true?” and the clear answer is that the record is only going to get even better- far better.


Elite has a strong policy against hacking, and is a “legit” family. Elite members ask themselves, “Where is the glory of feeling accomplished when beating someone you have an advantage over?” (This advantage of course being hacks). Elite takes pride in the game and respects the game, but also takes pride in the family created between the Elite members.


Even when opposing opponents hack, Elite will not crawl in a corner and pout or complain like a baby. If there is no given proof of opponents hacking but suspicion is evident, Elite will still fight on as they did in achieving the win in this grand 250th scrim.


It started off as a rifle only on Carentan, when Elite jumped ahead 4-1. The map was then restarted for an autos scrim- of which Elite does not practice. Elite lost the first map 11-4 with very fishy activity from Remain in Mg house. The second map was Rifle only on Harbor, of which Elite was victorious 11-3 despite the pathetic come back attempt by Xposed for the use of hacks? Not only did they get incredibly better after a 9-1 lead, but one of their players, Sox, was kicked from the Punk Buster on the server for wall hacks (See screenshot for proof).


Elite has returned to the Call of Duty world, and has returned by making its presence known to all.

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