Server Update

Server Update

Posted by Pvt.Luca

Amiss the fog in the Elite Public for Call of Duty, a new terror arises. Thanks to the knowledge of our General, Wright, all members can now take PB screenshots of players. This will enable us to further our attempts to catch hackers in our server. Since this has been implemented, many have been taken, and at least 1 confirmed success. The suspect, tek9*Bacca*, was banned for a multihack, the screenshot can be seen on our forums under accusations. Our server has currently raised three ranks in the server traffic index at to 27th. Keep it coming guys, let’s get in the top 20!


One last note, our Officers request anyone that can spare a few pennies, to throw it their way, to keep providing for our excellent servers. Donate a penny, a dollar, a hundred. Any amount helps, we won’t decline anything. Our current monthly goal is 50 U.S Dollars, so lets help them out guys!

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