Elite Hands 209th Double Shutout

Elite Hands 209th Double Shutout

Following a thrilling Cincinnati Bengals last minute clutch win over the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL Wright’s other team dished out some punishment of its own. In a surprise move, since Elite has tried many times to secure a match with 209th only to be denied, Elite was asked to partake in scrim with 209th. Eagerly accepting, things got under way, despite the painfully long amount of time it took to get everyone on the same server.


The first game was won decisively on Harbor by Elite, who suffered its first death only after four rounds had passed. The first game was a team shutout in which Elite suffered only nine deaths the entire game, two of which were due to accidental friendly fire. Meanwhile Elite amassed forty-three total kills for a healthy 6-1 team kill to death ratio. The second game, also a team shutout, was won with equal ease with very similar statistics for those involved. This was an enjoyable game and Elite looks forward to playing 209th again in the future in a hopefully much tighter game. Good luck and good game.

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