Server Fixes

Server Fixes

Several changes that will hopefully get rid of a lot of small annoyances while playing in the public server as well as during matches have been completed.


First, on the public server, at the request of many many people. The round length has been reduced from 4 minutes to 3 to help prevent idle time while that results from novice players who can’t find one another.


Second, several annoyances on the scrim server have been corrected with some changes to the PAM mod. The delay at the start of a map and at halftime during a match has been greatly reduced so there is less wait time while useless spam scrolls across the screen. It now simply instructs players to press F to ready up as well as reminding them to register. This leads into the next improvement to the scrim server.


Our administrative script is now active on the scrim server as well, although in a minimal role. Its purpose will be to allow authorized admins (more on this later as this will soon change to make running scrims easier) to change maps and eventually to change the PAM mode without having to login. (The latter will occur once I get the chance to create a plugin for the script to handle this.)


Finally, the scrim server will now track scrim stats.

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