EA Now in Diapers to Stop Leaks

EA Now in Diapers to Stop Leaks

Pre-Order Warfighter and get access to the BF4 Beta.

EA hasn’t even released all of the content it has for Battlefield 3 and they’ve already announced that Battlefield 4 is in the works. I use the term ‘announced’ loosely as the information was ‘leaked’ just like the BF3 Premium information was ‘leaked’, they either need to sort out their plumbing or it’s a clever ploy to get people intrigued. WELL GUESS WHAT EA? IT WORKED. The internet is awash with rumours and ideas about the title, it’s supposedly going to be released in 2014 and will coincide with the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles. I must point out that these are rumours based on rumours that are based on rumours (yo dawg, I heard you like rumours). 


The leak/announcement came to knowledge when gamers were offered Battlefield 4 beta access if they pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter, a game which uses the same frostbite engine as BF3 and judging by the trailer it’s a BF3 clone with a decent campaign mode. The Battlefield series is renowned for its multiplayer content not single player, the BF3 campaign was decent but it wasn’t great. Hopefully Warfighter will carry on the Medal of Honor pedigree with a great campaign that will fill the void for players who love an FPS with a great story mode and are bored of watching a certain Captain Soap Mcflurry die from haemorrhoids. (Spoiler alert!)


The Battlefield 4 beta is set for the fall next year (that’s 2013 for you future people, oh and if you future people are reading this…Skynet can *too explicit to post on the internet*). The timing of this release means that ‘End Game’ the last instalment of the premium package will be roughly 7-8 months old and already starting to crawl (probably over the corpse of the CoD series but who am I to know?). Looking at some of the responses, gamers believe this is too soon as they want to get the most out of the expansions. It seems they would like to play Battlefield 3 until it becomes boring before they move on and spend more of their money.


Until EA release more information about the BF4 we can only guess and make rumours that will no doubt spiral out of control, something along the lines of a futuristic shooter based on Space Nazis…oh wait, wasn’t that a film?


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Hopefully they will make this PC-based like they wanted to do with BF3. Or maybe they will try to then give up and port it from consoles like they did do with BF3.

July 25th, 2012, 7:57 am

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