With the main keynotes at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) all said and done here is a little recap of what each company had to say and offer.


From its release date Tegra 3 has never been that popular of a CPU/GPU pairing. Not enough battery life and underwhelming performance compared to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. Though on Monday NVIDIA released their new Tegra 4. With a shocking 72 GPU cores and a quad Core CPU with 4G LTE capability. This sounds like a power hog but NVIDIA has increased their performance of their “battery core”, saving as much battery as possible without sacrificing power. Taking HDR photos almost instantaneously and opening 25 unique web pages in 27 seconds, hopefully Tegra 4 will not be a flop like it’s little brother Tegra 3 was.


All-in-all this is a glorified tablet with Tegra 4 powering it. It isn’t the prettiest of controllers/gaming devices but it sure seems promising ( at the right price point). Shield offers gaming with pure android from the Google play store as well as NVIDIA’s tegrazone. The most interesting selling point, that got me, is you can play steam games on your computer through shield, with a mighty catch. Your computer MUST HAVE a GTX gpu in the computer, so we AMD users are out of luck. You also must be within your home’s wifi connectivity to connect to your computer. Shield offers 5-8 hours of gaming developed by NVIDIA. It comes with an industry standard I/O ports including a microSD slot, microUSB and HDMI-out. Price is yet to be revealed but I feel it will be a hefty price.


Grid is essentially a Gaming Cloud. So any of your mobile devices, such as the ASUS Transformer Infinity, can play PC games rendered in a different location. While more on the product is still being released this seems like an interesting solution for Arcades, LAN parties and Tournaments. Even gaming from home. A single Grid system offers the power to stream 24 HD games at once. A rack, which contains 20 Grid systems offers 200 teraflops worth of operations.  That is equivalent to 700 Xbox 360 system. Yes, 700.

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