BF4 – Slightly Serious Post

BF4 – Slightly Serious Post

This is a serious post with serious content for serious people, like Batman. I’m pretty sure about 84.643684685735373584769579% of people reading this would of already seen this video, as a professional I did crunch the numbers myself.


I won’t try and put my own biased spin on this post as I would like you to make up your own minds about the whole thing. I am not going to try and twist your view to match my own…I will not mention how it looks identical to the current BF3 game play and most DEFINITELY WILL NOT point out it looks like a slightly pimped BF3 that could easily pass for BF3 v2.6 Golden Cock Edition. I can honestly say I will not mention how similar to CoD the series looks to becoming…YES I USED THE C WORD! *shock* *gasp* *faint*.


The game can already be pre-ordered on Origin for a stupid price but fortunately you get a free premium expansion pack with the order, this will contain guns as the stand alone game will only have sticks, fortunately they will release a DLC that will offer a huge variety of sticks and maybe a rock(the rock is only a rumour at the moment but fingers crossed) for a small fee of $20. It is also rumoured that for every 100,000 Pre-orders received for BF4, EA will beat some Swedish games developers with the Cane of Obliterated Dreams AKA the COD.


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May 11th, 2013, 9:52 pm

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