E3, BF4, R2D2, I R 1337

E3, BF4, R2D2, I R 1337

BF4 Commander Mode

E3 this year was a major landmark in gaming as the next generation of consoles were demonstrated to the world (sorry Wii U but you don’t count). We learnt that a lot of new games on console will be open world with the player being given more freedom and less linear story lines. This hopefully means that being forced to go down certain paths which are laid out ahead by conveniently parked cars a thing of the past.


Like every other year E3 had a reoccurring theme from both Sony and Microsoft. This year was the endless repetition of ‘In-Game Engine’, ‘Real time’, ‘Only on [console]’, ‘We going to charge you until you become homeless’ and ‘It’s Exclusive’. There was a lot of ‘In-Game Engine’ footage shown which is where they pimp the balls out of a certain section of a game to an extent where it becomes a mini Hollywood movie. There were also a lot of ‘Real time’ demonstrations on stage which basically means 1 second of footage you watch is 1 second of game time, it’s a really hard concept to grasp so we just slap the ‘Real time’ label on it so us dumb idiots can pretend to know this black magic.


Battlefield 4 was, as expected, paraded around naked showing as many new features as possible and wiping it’s genitals over any competing FPS it could find. We were thrown into the multiplayer combat where clearly someone had choreographed everything to perfection…exploding everything on time and shooting around the main player as if he was the chosen one (You think that’s air you’re breathing?). There is now another map changing feature called levolution where you can destroy a large structure and the map will adapt to it. This means the first couple of weeks of Battlefield 4 multiplayer will consist of everyone trying to destroy all the structures possible and ignoring the objectives. The destruction of the building that was shown at E3 to me looked scripted, akin to the tower at Caspian; I hope it isn’t because that novelty got boring rather quickly.


Commander mode is now back by popular demand and VoIP will be introduced, this means someone will be sitting at spawn for the whole game parachuting in supplies and vehicles on top of rooftops that aren’t accessible and being a real help to the team whilst talking about how the team “sux noob dix”(I apologise for the profanity). Commander mode will be available on tablets and according to the trailer – commanders will be sitting in an airport lounge deciding the outcome of the battle (soz, can’t give you any supplies or vehicles as I have a plane to catch).


Here is a link to the official Battlefield 4 playlist; here you can make your own mind up about Battlefield 4…unless you live in an oppressed country.


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