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Elite makes use of slightly modified US Army ranks. Specifically, some ranks have had the abbreviations modified for one of two reasons, first so that the lay person may more easily recognize the rank it refers to and second because many games limit the length for ranks to 4 characters or less. We are proud to be one of the few clans that successfully uses a ranking system while remaining competitive, breaking the commonly held belief that clans with ranks lack skill and talent. Our ranks recognize members for their contributions, seniority, and leadership ability. Every promotion is earned.

General (Gen.)

Colonel (Col.)

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC.)

Major (Maj.)

Captain (Cpt.) First Lieutenant (Lt.) Second Lieutenant (2Lt.)

Sgt. Major of Army (SMA.)

Command Sgt. Major (CSM.) Sergeant Major (SM.) First Sergeant (1Sgt.) Master Sergeant (MSgt.)
Sergeant First Class (SFC.) Staff Sergeant (SSgt.) Sergeant (Sgt.) Corporal (Cpl.)
Specialist (Spc.) Private First Class (PFC.) Private (Pvt.) Recruit (Rct.)

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