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Elite was created in the Fall of 2006 by a guy who went by the name Wright to set a new standard for the Call of Duty Clan in version 1.3. It is now safe to say we have successfully redefined what makes a clan good. From its’ start, Elite quickly excelled in matches, established the most popular rifles server in Call of Duty and rapidly became one of version 1.3s’ premiere clans.


Elite has since become one of the most recognized Call of Duty clans due to a combination of excellence and classic old school honesty that sets Elite apart from others. Most games lack clans whose members are excellent players, have good character, and demonstrate maturity. Our goals remain this clan as we continue to grow, a clan that can provide members with an organized, stable, and expertly led clan that they can be proud to be apart of.


Fifteen months removed from its beginnings Elite has left version 1.3 and taken 1.5 by storm. Elite had also begun to expand to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, as they felt that their was not much more that the original Call of Duty had to offer Elite. The move was seen as necessary for Elite to continue to grow. Unfortunately, this plan was not meant to be, Wright was unable to continue to run Elite during his first 2 semesters in college and Elite was thus disbanded.


However all was not lost as a year removed from disbandment, Elite mobilized once more. With a refreshed outlook and a new plan laid out, Elite quickly returned to its prior greatness. First, in a return to their roots, Elite reestablished itself in the original Call of Duty and quickly returned the clan to its place among the games most respected. With this goal accomplished Elite set its sights on Modern Warfare 2, however shortly before its release it was announced that there would be no dedicated servers. The lack of which killed the expansion plans cold. Following this setback Elite’s focus remained on the original Call of Duty as well as tactical realism in Call of Duty 4. Elite experienced a great deal of success during this period swelling in size to nearly 50 members.


After about 6 months Elite tested the waters in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 however it was not the game that it was expected to be and Elite slowly withdrew from it opting for the familiarity of it’s well established presence in Call of Duty. In November of 2010 Call of Duty: Black Ops was released and Elite rapidly established two fairly successful servers there that lasted a fair amount of time unfortunately Black Ops faded from popularity within a few months of release and Elite abandoned its presence there as it saw diminishing returns. Elite’s primary presence has since returned to CoD4 where they have imposed their gaming will on the tactical realism community.


Shortly Elite will be hitting the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 with everything it has. Elite will continue to expand its public server hosting into this new frontier. No one can tell the future, but for Elite, the future is very bright and the opportunities abundant as we seek to leave our mark on the gaming world.

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