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The Elite Values:

  1. We are RESPECTFUL to all.
  2. We strive to “Always act with maturity, courage, and honor.”
  3. We are the Elite we behave like the Elite.
  4. We avoid arrogance and embrace humility (It will make you a better player).
  5. We never cheat.
  6. We value friendship, skill is important, but a clan needs friendship among its members to be truly successful.
  7. We are loyal to our clan, we don’t quit when conflict arises; we work it out.

General Rules and Regulations:

  1. Always act with maturity and show respect to all.
  2. We expect loyalty from our members.
  3. Keep cursing to a minimum, it accomplishes nothing positive.
  4. Members are required to be on TeamSpeak whenever they are playing games. (We encourage members to be on TS whenever they are on the computer in order to get to know other members. Its all about people here.)
  5. Members must wear their tags at all times.
  6. You may not be in a clan other than Elite.
  7. Hacking not permitted and the punishment for choosing to do so is removal from Elite.
  8. Post on the forum if you plan to be absent for a extended period.
  9. Donations are encouraged to help keep the servers running and are an excellent way to help demonstrate your loyalty to the clan.
  10. Show respect to/and follow the directions of officers and higher-ranking members.
  11. Promotions are given at the discretion of officers for various reasons. Do not ask for a promotion as the answer will be no. Also do not complain about others receiving a promotion before you do or other things like that. Members who receive a promotion have worked hard to earn it and deserve it so congratulate them. The best way to get a promotion is to work hard, follow the rules, and act with maturity.
  12. Recruiting is managed by the senior officers only. And all officers must have the people they wish to bring in approved by Gen.Wright.
    1. However, enlisted members up to the rank of MSgt. may earn a promotion for obtaining a player application that results in that players membership. Be sure they reference you as the recruiter on the application. There will be addition resources in the members section on the forums to assist you on this.

Match Rules:

  1. Matches are the responsibility of officers.

Rank Responsibilities:

  1. Officers
    • B3 Senior Admin (80) or B3 Full Admin (60) depending on competency with B3.
    • Officer status on the forums.
    • TS3 Senior Admin
  2. Master Sergeant +
    • Lead scrims.
    • B3 Full Admin (60)
    • TS3 Moderator
  3. Staff Sergeant +
    • B3 Admin (40)
  4. Corporal +
    • B3 Moderator (20)
  5. Private +
    • Member Status on the forum.
    • B3 Regular User (2)

Of course other privileges and responsibilities may be given out as needed or seen fit.

Additional Policies:

  • The best thing you can do is to be an active member, both in game and on TS.
  • A court martial can only be held by only a Colonel or higher if requested in situations where our rules are not clear. The accused and the accuser will only be allowed to present their case separately, after which they must leave the meeting. The final decision will generally be based on a consensus of the officers present, however Colonels and above, if necessary, have the sole discretion to make a final decision on the course of action to be taken on their own without approval.
  • One appeal is permitted to any court martial decision however this appeal must be organized and present solid reasoning as to why the outcome of the previous court martial should be reconsidered. It must be formally requested within 10 days of the decision that is to be appealed. For an appeal to be held a request must be emailed to Gen. Wright.
  • Hacking accusations; if brought by a lower player needs to be sent up to an Officer immediately. Officers need to consult their fellow officers and the General. We take these accusations very seriously so be prepared to prove any accusations you make.
  • Promotions will not be based on donations (though donating demonstrates loyalty to the clan) but only based on skills, attitude, loyalty, and maturity.
  • If you become aware of a serious issue that you believe poses a serious and immediate threat to the clan’s wellbeing and stability please immediately bring it to the attention of the highest-ranking member you can find and then get that information to the Gen.Wright or a Colonel. Please do this only if the issue is truly serious, not for things like you think someone is hacking etc.
  • Don’t ask for RCON it is no longer given out to anyone, we use the B3 script to handle all administration.

These values and rules apply to all members at all times, but I am always willing to consider some things under very special circumstances. Please adhere to them; failure to do so will result in demotion, court martial or other suitable punishment. If you have something that you think these rules should include but they do not, notify an officer regarding it.

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