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Enjoy Goes on an Anti-Hacking Crusade

Yesterday, with help from the Fatal clans server logs Cpt. Enjoy busted six more wallhackers from punkbuster screenshots. These are just a few of the players that Enjoy layed down the law upon: – yBz – Ki!!3r*(GUID: 1201891), c r u x s*(GUID: 1509549), wafflesss(GUID: 1408574), —>Hak+fLow?(GUID: 1634792), and amazing|killZone(GUID : 1634792). Thanks to enjoy we have been discovering wallhackers left and right.

Screenshots and more info can be found here: Accusations

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Enjoy Exposes Jarhead Craziness

Earlier this evening, in a scrim versus the clan Xplicit, the player “rofl K bud” who was later found to be “Craziness” (1705689) from the clan Jarhead was busted in a brilliantly timed punkbuster screenshot by Cpt. Enjoy. This occurred in the later half of a scrim in which Elite was getting thoroughly massacred. Upon investigation of Punkbuster screenshots following the match, it was clearly showing that Craziness was cheating during the match enabling Xplicit to defeat Elite 1-11. This result however has been overturned as a result of the cheating that occurred from Xplicit team. Upon contact regarding the match, Craziness initially denied that he was hacking, however after being presented with the facts by Sgt. Thunder, he was heard commenting that there was no way we could have caught him because the people he received the from had assured him they were “catch-proof”. The moral of this story is, don’t talk a big game when you have to cheat to back it up, and it is this way because I can’t think of something better to end this news brief with.

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