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Reserved Slot Raffle

Feelin’ lucky?

We’re giving away 1 (Just one) reserved slot to our 24/7 Nuketown Domination server. This is for the public, since our members already have slots reserved for them automatically.

To sign up, simply post your name In-game and your SteamID so we can contact you if you win. Winners will also be announced In-game and on our forums, so be sure to stay active to see if you’ve won!

This is our way of honoring our public, for helping us host such a great server. Head on over to our Forums to sign-up!


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Claymore Poll

Not for children under 3

Our second server poll is aimed at finding out one thing. Do you want Claymores on our Public SD server for BlackOps? Tell us your view by voting on our forums here.

Thanks for your help and support,


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Back To Our Roots: S&D Server?

Your opinion is?

We’ve put some thought into this, and we’re semi-interested in hosting a SD server for Black Ops. We want the publics opinion, so this is it. The rules are suggested ones, if you have an opinion on it, please voice it!

At this time we do not have the funds necessary for such an endeavor; however, if you’d like to donate to see this server read on…

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Problems with our B3 anti-noob weapons plugin has left a few people getting kicked even while obeying our rules. Update: This has now been fixed.

Noob Tube’d

The reason behind you being kicked/banned is because you were using a weapon with the grenade launcher attached. It’s kicking even if you just do damage with your bullets, and not using the tube. RPG and China Lake kicks are working correctly, so if you were using that, it was a legitimate warning/kick. Again, sorry for any inconvience, and we will inform you when this has been corrected. Thank you for your concern and hope to see you in-game.

Additionally, if you wish to discuss our rules for the server with criticism/suggestions, post them here

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