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Problems with our B3 anti-noob weapons plugin has left a few people getting kicked even while obeying our rules. Update: This has now been fixed.

Noob Tube’d

The reason behind you being kicked/banned is because you were using a weapon with the grenade launcher attached. It’s kicking even if you just do damage with your bullets, and not using the tube. RPG and China Lake kicks are working correctly, so if you were using that, it was a legitimate warning/kick. Again, sorry for any inconvience, and we will inform you when this has been corrected. Thank you for your concern and hope to see you in-game.

Additionally, if you wish to discuss our rules for the server with criticism/suggestions, post them here

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Black Ops


Prior to today, we haven’t made our Black Ops server official, as Treyarch is still optimizing the game to PC gaming preferences, but we can now say that we have our server up and running as a Public Search & Destroy. We can now use /connect to join the server, which makes it much easier to run this server correctly.  Simply open up your console using the Tilde (~) and type /connect

Thanks for all your support as we try to transition into a place of solidarity and keep this clan among the greatest to ever run.

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CoD4 Server Sees Quick Success

Elite’s HC Tactical S&D server smashed through the server rankings on gametracker.com after a good afternoon showing which saw the Call of Duty 4 server a mere two slots shy of full for almost an hour. As the server name slowly gets out there, the ranking has slowly improved. The Elite server, now in the 85 percentile among all Call of Duty servers now averages 5.7 players at any given time. However the most popular times appear to be from about 12 PM to 6 PM. The server has been unable to maintain a notable population of players past that time period. It is an aspect that is sure to see more work in order to reach the level of usage Elite wants to see.


As a side note, at the suggestion of a player on the server, the length and amount of server messages via the B3 bot have been reduced as much as possible so that only messages that are absolutely necessary are displayed. Welcome messages have been modified so that they are only displayed to the client who connected. This way you will only ever see one welcome message, and that is your own when you first connect. This should help with de-cluttering the screen.


Elite hopes to continue to see an increasing use in our servers as time goes by. If the improvement that has been seen thus far continues, Elite will rank in the top 500 CoD4 servers, no small accomplishment. This can only happen with continued member support with their presence on the server and the hard work of all the Elite admins.

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Anti-Early Explosives Server Fix Complete

I am very happy to announce that the Elite Tactical S&D server has been successfully set up to handle players who use nades/explosives prior to the 20 second round curfew on explosives expiring. Using B3, I was able to modify a script for limiting weapons with a few tips from one of the B3 developers so that we can warn players if they throw a nade early and it injures anyone. This also works for Air Strikes, Helicopters, M203s, and RPGs. Hopefully this accomplishment, will give us a leg up on the other clans in the tactical S&D community. I have not seen a fix like this implemented on any other server, at least not with out the use of mods which would make the server unranked. The trouble with just modding the server is that requiring users to download files to play really limits the number of players willing to play with us. Lets hope this fix is well received, I for one, am very pleased with how it turned out. Finally, I must thank the user “Anubis” (one of the developers of B3) for his assistance to me with this plugin.

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