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Glory, or the lack there of

Earlier this afternoon, Elite scrimmed and lost to the clan Glory, however following this loss, it was revealed via Punkbuster screenshots that two of Glory’s members were as we suspected, wallhacking. The Glory members City and Evikshun were both shown to be using wallhacks for at least part of the scrim by two punkbuster screenshots. I say for part of the scrim because, initially Elite took a strong lead and was able to get the score to 9-4, but at halftime Glory appeared to have a sudden surge in “skill” as our members were barely able to even tag them before they received a bullet to the head. Elite tried for the remainder of the game to tie the game up at least and came close the final round, but were not successfully in doing so. As a result of their cheating Elite wins the match by default. The specific info on the two cheaters, including their PBGUIDs, can be found on our forums here: http://eliteclangaming.freephpbb3.com/elite-vs-glory-scrim-results-vt442.html .

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MSgt.Yourdad Banned

Early yesterday MSgt.Yourdad was kicked out of elite for hacking. He was banned for the Elite’s Forum, Teamspeak, and gaming servers as a result. The prior evening to his removal from the clan he was witnessed on the Elite servers lining up his shots through the walls while on his 20-0 (through 8 rounds) rampage. He then requested that Gen.Wright take a screenshot of his score for him because his screenshot supposedly “broken”. This sent up red flags for the Elite officers who had been spectating him as it indicated to us that there was something he was trying to hide (I will come back to this shortly). Especially so because he had just posted three screenshots on the Elite forum less than an hour before. The situation was discussed among the officers and it was decided that MSgt.Yourdad was hacking and that he should be removed as a member of Elite ASAP. His removal from the clan occurred the following morning around 11:00 AM EST. Now back to the part about Yourdad having something to hide. This morning I decided to google MSgt.Yourdad’s email address and came upon the MySpace page registered to that email address. This page (www.myspace.com/7172547) showed a shockingly different person from the one MSgt.Yourdad claimed to be for the past 5-6 months. Up until his discharge from Elite, MSgt.Yourdad claimed to be 12 years old. However, despite the requests for him to send in a picture of himself for the webpage he refused. Secondly he also refused to get a microphone, which now we can see why he would do this, as it would reveal the fact that he had lied about his age, among other things. Elite is very disappointed in MSgt.Yourdad whom we had once believed to be among our most talented members. We wish him continued luck in life.

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