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BF4 – Slightly Serious Post

This is a serious post with serious content for serious people, like Batman. I’m pretty sure about 84.643684685735373584769579% of people reading this would of already seen this video, as a professional I did crunch the numbers myself.


I won’t try and put my own biased spin on this post as I would like you to make up your own minds about the whole thing. I am not going to try and twist your view to match my own…I will not mention how it looks identical to the current BF3 game play and most DEFINITELY WILL NOT point out it looks like a slightly pimped BF3 that could easily pass for BF3 v2.6 Golden Cock Edition. I can honestly say I will not mention how similar to CoD the series looks to becoming… read on…

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Elite Public Rifles Server Expands

Due to an almost non-stop full Public sever Elite has bought a bigger server with more slots! This larger server will now hold 20 public slots and 2 private slots. We hope that this increase in size will allow for bigger and more intense s&d matches as well as more space so people don’t have to fight to get into the server as much. Also, because of the dedicated players who play on the Elite Public server, and because of are great members who keep the server in line, Elite has risen to the top. Recent statistics have show that the Elite Public server is the most populated server in 1.3! The Elite sever even conquers the machine gun servers in the population statistics, and that is not an easy accomplishment. All of the Elite members would like to say thank you to all the players who keep our server populated, and to all the admins who keep the server fun and enjoyable to play on.

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New Servers on the Way

At this current time, it is looking like Elite will have its servers back online within the end of the week. The server purchase is currently holding while a donation is being transfered into PayPal. The expected verification date of this transfer is Thursday of this week, at which time our servers will be purchased and put online again. We are intending to go with the previous server package that we were using with lowpinggaming.com (if Wright is not able to negotiate a better deal). This means that we will most likely be going with a 16 slot public server, a 12 slot private server, and a 40 slot teamspeak server. Plutoniumservers.net, our provider should be able to get those servers online within 24 hours or so. After that they will be playable however it will probably take Wright 36 hours to get everything back to the way it was on our old servers (He will make better backups of the config files this time). We should be back to normal business  sometime before this Monday. Lets keep Elite going strong.

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