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Diablo’s song

Diablo’s song

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Diablo’s Song

The founding of Elite as told by 2Lt. Diablo. It is an interesting story none the less.


One fine evening the lovely Goddess Codnia was gathering berries for the winter feast when she cometh upon a strange stone. This stone held power in it which no other God nor mortal alike had seen before. Codnia pondered this strange occurrence and came up with a solution. To help keep this power from reaching the hands of those unworthy she split it in two with her mighty thigh thrusts and passed the power onto two mortals. These mortals were known as Wright and Ebola. The moment that this power struck the two they felt a surge, a connection of some sort that drew them towards a computer. They then went online and searched “Lolcats LOL” on google only to discover that there was no google!  There was only a game called Call of Duty. Wright and Ebola began to play this magical game and found each other online in the server “Diablo’s magic play-land of fun and adventure”. They then knew that they had something special in front of them. They formed the clan Elite with the power they inherited from the Goddess. Then Diablo came and F***ed it all up. The End.

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