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Back To Our Roots: S&D Server?

Your opinion is?

We’ve put some thought into this, and we’re semi-interested in hosting a SD server for Black Ops. We want the publics opinion, so this is it. The rules are suggested ones, if you have an opinion on it, please voice it!

At this time we do not have the funds necessary for such an endeavor; however, if you’d like to donate to see this server read on…

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Elite Featured in YouTube Commentary

A player in our Public Domination server confronted me with this video he had made. As mentioned in the video, it doesn’t take place in our server. However, playing in our server and with the Elite members inspired him to do what he speaks about in the video. I encourage you all to watch this, it’s an interesting view. Also, he over-flatters me, I’m not as good as he makes me out to be. Thanks Scott, this is my way of honoring you back :)

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Teamspeak Down

Our Teamspeak 3 server will be offline for the next 24-48 hours while it is moved to Kansas City. Once it has been setup in the new location, barring any unexpected problems, the new ip will be posted for all to join. Thanks for your cooperation.

As a side note, B3 will also be down for the same reason for about the same period of time. Good news on that tho is there is now 3rd party support for B3 on BO so after I get a few spare minutes I will make the needed tweaks to the servers and have B3 running on our BO server.

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Emergency Forum Bug Solution

If you have found yourself unable to log in on the forum starting on Monday evening December 27th it is because of a bug with the cookie that stores your log-in information for the forum.

To fix this go to the main index page (forum.eliteclangaming.com/index.php) and click on the link  near the bottom right called read on…

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