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Greetings and Farewells

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Pvt. Tukas and Pvt. God, our newest members. With sadness we would bid farewell to former members and good friends SSgt. “Muffin” Soljah and SSgt. Smoke. SSgt. Soljah resigned to form his own clan (N7) shocking us all, I am still searching for my jaw on the floor. And smoke resigned honorably after questions regarding his gaming legitimacy arose from several questionable screenshots that were the topic of heated debate. Smoke has not commented on whether he has or has not cheated while in the Elite. He chose to resign so as not to harm the clan anymore than these allegations already have and to end the debate over his status, a decision that is most commendable.


On a different note, writers are still being sought to help keep the websites RSS news feed up to date. If interested please don’t hesitate to write and submit an article to me for review and to be published on our website. You may write a general news article about Elite or an editorial about some issue that is currently under debate within the clan or 1.3. These do need to be at least about two paragraphs. A officer position for writing, managing, and seeking writers of articles for the website may be created in the future so keep this in mind.


Remember that constant change and improvement is what keeps a clan successful. A clan that refuses to be active, grow, and improve is a clan that is on its downfall.

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