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First Match: Close but not Quite

In Elite’s first official scrim in Call of Duty 4, despite solid performances from all participants, the clan fell just short of its first scrimmage victory, losing in the overtime round. The match representing the first CoD4 Elite scrim, it goes to show there is plenty of room for improvement.


Inexperienced with CoD4 scrims, Elite started slow in both the first round and at the halftime switch. To their credit once a few rounds into each half Elite had no problem holding its own and trading blows with the SNAFU clan for the rest of the game. Elite even put together a couple back to back round wins to pull even with SNAFU at the end finishing the game tied 12-12. However in the overtime round they were overpowered and failed to secure the win. A player in the scrim commented, “Even though we are unfamiliar with playing matches here [CoD4], we are still able to rely on the skills that made us so formidable in vCod.” The official results can be viewed here: Elite v. SNAFU (L).


This match marks the first of many more Elite scrims not to mention victories to come as Elite continues to become more familiar with the style of scrims in CoD4. As of this time Elite still plans on joining the Cyber Athlete League (CAL) and competing in the future. As has been stated before at this time, scrims are still the exception and not the rule. Elite’s first and foremost goal remains without a doubt the building of our public server community.

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