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molech is the red one

molech is the red one

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Elite’s Fantastic Four

For the first time in 2 years since they were last united as Sergeants in TSF Harvestor, KissTheChef, Molech, and Payne are united again as Colonels. As of 12:00 AM on May 30th, Maj.Harvestor, Cpt.Molech, and Cpt.Payne received commissions to the rank of Colonel, reuniting them with KissTheChef prior to last night, Elites only Colonel ever.

Please take the time to congratulate these fine members and good friends. As great as these promotions are, no promotion can do justice to what these 4 individuals have meant to all of us and everything they have done and continue to do to keep this clan as successful as it has been. They have been the finest examples of everything that Elite has aimed to embody. Once again congratulations guys.

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