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With the main keynotes at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) all said and done here is a little recap of what each company had to say and offer.


From its release date Tegra 3 has never been that popular of a CPU/GPU pairing. Not enough battery life and underwhelming performance¬†compared¬†to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. Though on Monday NVIDIA released their new Tegra 4. With a shocking 72 GPU cores and a quad Core CPU with 4G LTE capability. This sounds like a power hog but NVIDIA has increased their performance of their “battery core”, saving as much battery as possible without sacrificing power. Taking HDR photos almost read on…

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Battlefield 3 $950 System Build

Last week we presented a relatively inexpensive system build that would run BF3 quite well given that Wright and myself restricted ourselves to a 550$ budget. In this installment we will give you, the money bags gamer, a system that will not only play BF3 with ‘ease’ but keep you satisfied for years to come. For our high end build, we set the budget to a reasonable $950 give or take a twenty. Why $950? The answer is simple, after much thought, discussion, and a few hurt feelings (not really), we decided that exceeding our $950 budget was just plain unnecessary and borderline wasteful. For those of you interested in why this is so, Wright will be taking a more in depth look at the concept of future proofing and its flaws in an upcoming article but this is not the place for that explanation.


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Battlefield 3 $550 System Build

AMD Phenom II X4 975With the release of Battlefield 3 fast approaching, many of us find ourselves reevaluating our systems, some of us uneasily realizing they no longer possess the hulk of a computer they used to. For some of us money is tight and the costs of buying a whole new system premade are too much. The systems at your local Best Buy are expensive and don’t even have good parts. The best way to get yourself back up to date and for the least expense is by purchasing parts and building your own PC. Now many people initially cringe at that concept thinking that they can’t possibly be smart enough to put together their own computer. Fortunately, if you can read, you are probably intelligent enough to do it. It really isn’t difficult and the money saved will make any effort expended worth it, especially once you are comfortably able to play BF3.


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