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Rome to Cook Brunch for the Generals

After claims of being a five-star chef were made by Sgt. Rome, he was ordered to prepare Sunday brunch for Generals Wright and Ebola. Late Saturday evening the Sergeant was overheard making lofty claims about being a world famous chef claiming to have trained at the finest French culinary institutes. In response to these claims Gen. Wright ordered Sgt. Rome to prepare a five course sunday brunch for his beloved Generals. Rome readily agreed to this after he was reminded of his pending demotion from Sergeant to the rank of Latrine Sanitation Technician (LST for short). Rome has been warned that failure to provide a meal fitting for his Generals, will result in the immediate demotion LST.

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Elite Welcomes in New Recruits

This past week, Elite was pleased to welcome five new recruits into the Elite clan. Blade, Capable, Diablo, Riza, and Rome have all displayed the quality characteristics that Elite strives to embody, and convey into the 1.3 community. We are confident that they will continue to thrive and grow as players and individuals in the Elite family. Elite is happy to have them on board. Welcome to Elite guys.

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