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Reserved Slot Raffle

Feelin’ lucky?

We’re giving away 1 (Just one) reserved slot to our 24/7 Nuketown Domination server. This is for the public, since our members already have slots reserved for them automatically.

To sign up, simply post your name In-game and your SteamID so we can contact you if you win. Winners will also be announced In-game and on our forums, so be sure to stay active to see if you’ve won!

This is our way of honoring our public, for helping us host such a great server. Head on over to our Forums to sign-up!


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Back To Our Roots: S&D Server?

Your opinion is?

We’ve put some thought into this, and we’re semi-interested in hosting a SD server for Black Ops. We want the publics opinion, so this is it. The rules are suggested ones, if you have an opinion on it, please voice it!

At this time we do not have the funds necessary for such an endeavor; however, if you’d like to donate to see this server read on…

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Server Upgrade

The public server will be moved to a Chicago location as well as a new provider. It will no longer reside on a dedicated server as it has for the past few months because Wright has managed to get B3 to function properly over a remote connection, not an easy thing to setup at all. He will now host the script himself freeing us from the need of expensive dedicated server space while increasing the overall performance of the server.


The upgrade and move will take place over the Thanksgiving holiday and downtime should be expected however it will be minimized as much as possible. We also expect to be able to migrate all stats and current user accounts from our current public server to the new server. There is a small chance that we will not be able to move this data but the loss of it is not anticipated.

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Server Now Streams to Punksbusted.com

In an effort to further reduce the presence of hackers our servers, the Elite Public Rifles server is now streaming to punksbusted.com this means that any players caught with a Punkbuster violation will be added immediately to the punksbusted.com master ban list. This list is gathered from the over 140 Call of Duty servers that stream their violations list to punksbusted.com and it includes more 16000 players who have been caught cheating. In the short 5 days that our server has been actively streaming, we have already contributed 2 players to the master ban list. The players “Xel962” and “That one guy…” are both on the master ban list now for using multihacks thanks to our servers’ new ban streaming capabilities.

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