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The Future of Co-op

Hey you! yes you, the guy slouched in his chair with one hand down his pants and the other somewhere, that for legal reasons I cannot mention…do you want to play Call of Battlefield: Warfighter 2 with a friend on the same

Brought to you by the SI Foundation
Brought to you by the SI Foundation

system? sharing the same screen and physically interacting with one another? well too bad chump, you can’t handle the social aspect so we, the delevopers publishers chosen ones, have removed that from the game entirely. We know the feature was in the prequel but why would we want to keep something that people actually enjoyed? I mean seriously, who wants to play a video game with an actual friend? nobody that’s who.


You will be glad to hear that by the year 2020 we will have hoped to have removed local co-op from the gaming industry entirely. This means you don’t need to see your best buddy’s ugly face, smell his repugnant body odor or listen to his whiny bitch ass voice(oh sorry bro I accidentally muted you for 3 hours) It will also mean that you do not need to visit his peasant like abode, use his bathroom where the toilet doesn’t flush properly, meet his disgusting spawn or eat his wife’s terrible cooking…seriously dude, just because he got married doesn’t mean you have to meet her.


So next time you’re at someone’s house playing a video game, trying your very best to not vomit because the smell of ugly children is just too much…just remember we have your back.

This was brought to you by the Stay Isolated Foundation

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Happy Holidays ;)
Happy Holidays ;)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions towards the clan during the last year. The last 12 months have been decent to the clan as a whole, welcoming the release of BF4 which replaced our flagship game BF3 that we all loved dearly. Over the past year we as a collective have shown why we are Elite and why we choose to play with one another; we act with maturity, courage and honor…this year being no exception.

The year 2014 looks to be fruitful as we expect more BF4 expansions to be thrown at us along with premium artwork that will no doubt make you all foam at the mouth.


I wish you a very merry Christmas for you all and trust that 2014 will be prosperous for everyone associated with Elite.


- Typhon


A serious post right? penis.

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E3, BF4, R2D2, I R 1337

BF4 Commander Mode

E3 this year was a major landmark in gaming as the next generation of consoles were demonstrated to the world (sorry Wii U but you don’t count). We learnt that a lot of new games on console will be open world with the player being given more freedom and less linear story lines. This hopefully means that being forced to go down certain paths which are laid out ahead by conveniently parked cars a thing of the past.


Like every other year E3 had a reoccurring theme from both Sony and Microsoft. This year was the endless repetition of ‘In-Game Engine’, ‘Real time’, ‘Only on [console]’, ‘We going to charge you until you become homeless’ and ‘It’s Exclusive’. There was a lot of ‘In-Game Engine’ footage shown which is where they pimp the balls out of a certain section of a game to an extent where it becomes a mini read on…

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BF4 – Slightly Serious Post

This is a serious post with serious content for serious people, like Batman. I’m pretty sure about 84.643684685735373584769579% of people reading this would of already seen this video, as a professional I did crunch the numbers myself.


I won’t try and put my own biased spin on this post as I would like you to make up your own minds about the whole thing. I am not going to try and twist your view to match my own…I will not mention how it looks identical to the current BF3 game play and most DEFINITELY WILL NOT point out it looks like a slightly pimped BF3 that could easily pass for BF3 v2.6 Golden Cock Edition. I can honestly say I will not mention how similar to CoD the series looks to becoming… read on…

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