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No Work for a Week!

Happy Holidays ;)
So it turns out the Mayans’ prediction was wrong and the world did not end, The Walking Dead will not become a reality, another CoD game will be released and Justin Bieber will carry onproducing migraine inducing soul destroying ‘albums’…great.


This was initially going to be a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, God Save the Queen, Happy New Year, Get off my land type of post. However I decided in my infinite wisdom to just stick with ‘Happy Holidays’, I am quite the traditionalist.


Instead of using this just to express my own views I will take this opportunity to say(not literally) that everyone in Elite wishes everyone the very best for festive period. You could say Elite is wishing Elite a Merry Christmas, an orgy of wishes swirled together with my huge spoon of bullcrap.


Have a Merry Christmas and a decent but not great New Year (We don’t want you too happy now do we?)

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Warfighter vs That CoD Game

As I sit here, in my dark, cold, slightly off smelling room not far from the busy urban jungle of the City they call London I think to myself…is this really the best opening sentence I could come up with?


The latest installment in the Call of Duty series

Earlier this week I decided to splash the cash on a new Xbox, “you already have one sexy Typhon!!” I hear you scream with immense enthusiasm in your voice, well I decided to get a new one, why? Because I can and I have a real problem with money management. After purchasing my new Sexbox I bought Medal of Honor Warfighter (Honour* Grammar matters) and Call of Duty: Black Ops 26.


To cut a long story short…and trust me playing Black Ops feels long, I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of time saving device, making 10 minutes of gameplay seem like an eternity of anal rape.

read on…

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EA Now in Diapers to Stop Leaks

Pre-Order Warfighter and get access to the BF4 Beta.

EA hasn’t even released all of the content it has for Battlefield 3 and they’ve already announced that Battlefield 4 is in the works. I use the term ‘announced’ loosely as the information was ‘leaked’ just like the BF3 Premium information was ‘leaked’, they either need to sort out their plumbing or it’s a clever ploy to get people intrigued. WELL GUESS WHAT EA? IT WORKED. The internet is awash with rumours and ideas about the title, it’s supposedly going to be released in 2014 and will coincide with read on…

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BF3 Premium

As we all know Battlefield 3 now has a premium service that gives you access to all of the additional content Dice has created, including Server Queue priority (take that poor people!). Close Quarters is out (CQ for us Pros in the know) and everyone is blowing each other…up, having fun and inevitably waiting for the next DLC to be released. There is no doubt that this will be the cycle; a new DLC will be released, people will play it to death and then wait for the next one. read on…

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