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Clan Theory 101

Back to school!

The concept of “Clan Theory” has existed in my head for quite some time developing most at those times I have nothing better to think about such as when mowing the lawn, attending a lecture, or driving to school. Many blades of cut grass later this idea has developed into a somewhat robust understanding of how groups in the gaming world work. Based on my own experiences as a semi-successful clan leader, I have come to the conclusion that there are five basic types of clans in the gaming world that have vastly different levels of success, longevity, and resources. In this article, mainly for my own entertainment and because I just enjoy writing from time to time, I will overview read on…

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Elite Defeats USAF

Elite vs USAF

Game 1 10-9 Elite Wins
Game 2 10-5 Elite Wins
Participants – Gen.Wright, Cpt.Loser, Cpt.Harvestor, Lt.Molech, 1Sgt.Enjoy, SSgt.Rebel, Cpl.Saint

Elite wins!
Current record: (4-0-0)

Great job everyone. This was a fun one. We let it get tight the first game but we finished out strong. Still looking for Elite’s first official loss(Something tells me it will be Tulkas who hands it to us).


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