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Backlot Released


After a couple of months of working late into the night the vCoD version of Call of Duty 4′s mp_backlot has been released to the 1.5 community. The vast majority of the credit goes to members Dirty and Luca, the latter of which promptly left for vacation on completion of the map. Building on lessons learned from the reconstruction of vacant earlier this year, Backlot has made serious improvements in the use of portals to improve player FPS. Backlot is a map that is sure to be enjoyed by almost all who play it.

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Map mp_vacant Released

Vacant Released

Our server has been advertising the release of the CoD4 map, “mp_vacant” for some time. We are now proud to release it to the public. It is currently hosted on our public server, and is available for download directly off the server, or from this link. Vacant features most of  the gameplay strategies from it’s CoD4 brother, but we have added a few new twists. Mapped by Dirty and Luca, it has already been widely downloaded, and is sure to be a favorite. If you have any feedback, please feel free to post on our forum, a thread has already been set up for this, simply follow this link. Thanks for all your support!

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Elite Goes Automatic…

The Elite clan has truly become a prominent figure in the 1.3 community. The Elite public rifles server is now one of the most popular online gaming servers in the country. The clan has grown and now has many dedicated members. Elite’s growth has enabled the clan to extend its influence on 1.3. Elite now features an autos team deathmatch server. The new server is a great place for members to go and take a break from the heat of search and destroy, and just play casually without too many worries. The autos server will also help to spread the Elite name to the team deathmatch players, and in turn bolster the reputation of Elite in 1.3.

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Elite Public Rifles Server Expands

Due to an almost non-stop full Public sever Elite has bought a bigger server with more slots! This larger server will now hold 20 public slots and 2 private slots. We hope that this increase in size will allow for bigger and more intense s&d matches as well as more space so people don’t have to fight to get into the server as much. Also, because of the dedicated players who play on the Elite Public server, and because of are great members who keep the server in line, Elite has risen to the top. Recent statistics have show that the Elite Public server is the most populated server in 1.3! The Elite sever even conquers the machine gun servers in the population statistics, and that is not an easy accomplishment. All of the Elite members would like to say thank you to all the players who keep our server populated, and to all the admins who keep the server fun and enjoyable to play on.

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