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Elite Email Available

You’ve got mail.

I have already mentioned this to some of you but at member request we have @eliteclangaming.com email addresses available for member use. If your interested in one contact Wright and he will set it up for you. Each account gets 2.5 GBs of storage space and can be accessed via our website from the Mail link at the top or you can set it up to work with your favorite desktop mail client. Additionally it is secure email so all messages you send using the webmail will be encrypted using https. Enjoy.

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Emergency Forum Bug Solution

If you have found yourself unable to log in on the forum starting on Monday evening December 27th it is because of a bug with the cookie that stores your log-in information for the forum.

To fix this go to the main index page (forum.eliteclangaming.com/index.php) and click on the linkĀ  near the bottom right called read on…

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Website Upgrade

New Homepage

The new Elite website is almost complete and ready for use. It is a major improvement and a huge step up from what it was before. The new site will offer the same information it always have but it will be much easier to access. The forums will now also be professionally hosted on the at the same location and same address, eliteclangaming.com (as opposed to wright.byethost.com) as the website and they will be more easily navigated between. The site and forums will be much faster than it ever has been now that it will be hosted on a pro webserver. read on…

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Forum Restored

I have successfully restored the forums to working condition with no data-loss. We did however lose a few mod installations that had been made due to the difficulty in backing up such changes. These should not be hard to repair once I get to it.

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